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               ◆  Rp-cAMPS Prodrugs Reveal the cAMP Dependence of First-Phase Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion.

              期刊及年份:Molecular Endocrinology, 2015

              文件類型: .pdf 49989faf229df4fc632038109171146d.pdf (1.34 MB)


              ◆  SUMO1 enhances cAMP-dependent exocytosis and glucagon secretion from pancreatic β-cells.

              期刊及年份:The Journal of Physiology, 2014

              文件類型: .pdf fb29327cae4d62bd272f42926876e4c7.pdf (1.17 MB)


              ◆  Total Pancreatectomy With Autologus Islet Cells Transplantation.

              期刊及年份:Medicine, 2013

              文件類型: .pdf fe56a52a9154e22dcda07e1b640a924e.pdf (332.91 KB)


              ◆  Hypothermic Perfusion Preservation of Pancreas for Islet GraftsValidation Using a Split Lobe Porcine Model.

              期刊及年份:Cell Med, 2012

              文件類型: .pdf 9d06f33ab0c0dd408c34ce366682377d.pdf (376.11 KB)


              ◆  Islet Isolation From Juvenile Porcine Pancreas After 24-h Hypothermic Machine Perfusion Preservation.

              期刊及年份:Cell Transplantation, 2012

              文件類型: .pdf a724a05a260423975b66bc02bfd494d3.pdf (4.43 MB)


              ◆  Caspase Inhibitor IDN6556 Facilitates Marginal Mass Islet Engraftment in a Porcine Islet Autotransplant Model.

              期刊及年份:Transplantation, 2012

              文件類型: .pdf 2fc88b7c5898cb14da60e37cc7ee89f7.pdf (634.32 KB)


              ◆  Isolation of Porcine Pancreatic Islets for Xenotransplantation.

              期刊及年份:Xenotransplantation, 2012

              文件類型: .pdf 93465ef7852273c2f17060979e535de2.pdf (294.73 KB)


              ◆  Detailed protocol for evaluation of dynamic perifusion of human islets to assess β-cell function.

              期刊及年份:Islets, 2011

              文件類型: .pdf 6a3eb35b7c5a5e4cfd47a448fe6b0958.pdf (866.69 KB)


              ◆  Hypothermic Perfusion Preservation of Pancreas for Islet Grafts Validation using a Split Lobe Porcine Model.

              期刊及年份:Cell Medicine, 2011

              文件類型: .pdf 63e80430869fe283e43ca99440e0076a.pdf (376.11 KB)


              ◆  SGLT2 Deletion Improves Glucose Homeostasis and Preserves Pancreatic β-Cell Function.

              期刊及年份:Diabetes, 2011

              文件類型: .pdf e8c6b795a35fbc44b76a8d03218718a0.pdf (1.61 MB)


              ◆  Coating Human Pancreatic Islets With CD4 + CD25 high CD127 Regulatory T Cells as a Novel Approach for the Local Immunoprotection.

              期刊及年份:Annals of Surgery, 2011

              文件類型: .pdf 8bfec2bb7fa72b5b1471853a0412c80a.pdf (525.66 KB)


              ◆  Measuring dynamic hormone release from pancreatic.

              期刊及年份:Protocol Exchange, 2011

              文件類型: .png6dbab9f964479295b2495d19f8d9db8d.png (1.45 MB)


              ◆  Encapsulation of Pancreatic Islets Within Nano-Thin Functional Polyethylene Glycol Coatings for Enhanced Insulin Secretion.

              期刊及年份:Tissue Engineering, 2010

              文件類型: .pdf cda37c860bfd94eec2cfd59d88fdbe90.pdf (399.64 KB)


              ◆  Nephrin Is Expressed on the Surface of Insulin Vesicles and Facilitates Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Release.

              期刊及年份:Diabetes, 2010

              文件類型: .pdf 74d267e8d2b94d752e850c90b63a310e.pdf (1.42 MB)


              ◆  The Granular Chloride Channel ClC-3 Is Permissive for Insulin Secretion.

              期刊及年份:Cell Metabolism, 2009

              文件類型: .pdf 6d22bf57d5257b348763d3d8364da085.pdf (1.20 MB)


              ◆  Evaluation of Human Islet-Specific Functional Quality Cultured on Different Gas-Permeable Membranes.

              期刊及年份:Transplantation Proceedings, 2008

              文件類型: .pdf b29242e5512034167673c71bc493c958.pdf (56.96 KB)


              ◆  Automated, high-throughput assays for evaluation of human pancreatic islet function.

              期刊及年份:Cell Transplant, 2008 

              文件類型: .pdf 7866c6f5374cd19160dfc4523e5e5d2c.pdf (4.04 MB)


              ◆  CD40 activation in human pancreatic islets and ductal cells.

              期刊及年份:Diabetologia, 2008

              文件類型: .pdf c1b3ff29c22c2a67de55665b7b7d9e8a.pdf (253.79 KB)


              ◆  Rapamycin Impairs In Vivo Proliferation of Islet Beta-Cells.

              期刊及年份:Transplantation, 2007

              文件類型: .pdf 940fe01adaab246d7ee8496652b84180.pdf (1.20 MB)

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