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              Water Pump and Tank Unit


               Water Pump and Tank Unit "Model-PTU-3"

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              •  Model-PTU-3 -Pump and Tank Unit was designed for use with Physitemp's range of thermoelectric cooling and heating stages. It provides a convenient reservoir of cooling water when a stage is operated in the cooling mode for an extended period of time in a location which has no source of tap water nearby to cool the hot side of the thermoelectric heat pump.  The reservoir tank holds seven gallons of water, which is adequate to run the smaller stages like the TS-4 series Thermal Stage or the BFS series 3 or 5 Freezing Stages for up to eight hours and a larger stage like the BFS-30 for up to four hours.

                Water is circulated using a quiet 1/25 horsepower single phase motor and magnetically driven pump - so there are no rotating seals to leak or replace.  Self sealing connectors are used on the inlet and outlet water connections to prevent spillage.  Ice cubes may be added to the tank in order to extend the operating time or reduce the lowest temperature to which the thermoelectric stage can cool.  A switched accessory outlet on the read of all  thermoelectric controllers and power supplies is used to power the pump so water starts flowing immediately when the controller is turned on.



                Pump and Tank Unit PTU-3 Specifications



                15:75"D x 9.5"W x 21"Hd



                18lbs (when empty)

                Power Supply


                110V or 220V Must be specified

                Power Consumption:


                150 Watts

                Water Connections:





                Stage Specifications

                Temp. Range:


                TS-4 -20 to +60 ° C
                TS-4ER -20 ° to +100 ° C Temp. Controlled

                Surface Area:


                1.25" x 1.5"



                16 oz., including lead

                Lead Length:


                40 inches



                Copper, nickel plated



                Plastic. Fits slide holder



                Controller Specifications

                Temp. Range:


                TS-4 -20 to +60 ° C TS-4ER -20 °) to +100 ° C



                0.1 ° C

                Power Supply:


                115V or 230V AC

                Power Consumption:


                approximately 100 Watts



                8" x 7" x 17"



                28 lbs.

              •           Please call for details 

              •           Please call for details 

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