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              Heating Plate

              Model:HP-1M, HP-4M

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              •  Heating Plate, HP-1M, HP-4M: Optional direct current heating plate for small rodents(mice and rats). Standard plates are black anodized aluminum and the HP-1M measures 4 3/8W" x 8.5"L and the HP-4M measures 1 1/2”W x 4”L Both models have small feet attached giving them an elevation of 1/4" above the surface it sits on, such as a table or stereotaxic stage. They are easily cleaned with alcohol. They are provided with a feedback sensor to prevent overheating when used with our TCAT-2 series of controllers. Custom sizes are also available with longer lead times.

                Custom sizes are also available with longer lead times.




                Dimensions HP-1M


                4 3/8” W x1/4” H x 8.5”L

                Dimensions HP-4M


                1.5” W x1/4” H x 4”L



                .5 lbs.



                25 watts

                Over Temperature


                100 Ohm RTD

              •     Please call for details 

              •     Please call for details 

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