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              MTC-1 Micro Temperature Controller


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              •  Recent interest in a simple low cost temperature controller to maintain small and medium sized objects at physiological temperatures was the reasoning behind the development of the Physitemp MTC-1 microtemperature controller. Utilizing a precision highly stable platinum RTD?as the feedback sensor, this inexpensive controller will display and maintain a set temperature within + or - 0.1 degrees Centigrade. The controller is designed to operate from a 12VDC?supply and can control an output current up to 4 Amperes (50 Watts). It can also be used with an input voltage between 6 and 24VDC?for both lower and higher power applications (up to 90 Watts). A 1/2 inch backlit LCD?readout provides continuous display of temperature with 0.1 degree resolution. The set point is easily adjusted from just above room temperature up to 99.9 degrees C via a 20 turn potentiometer. A momentary switch allows the user to toggle the display between the set and run temperatures. The controller is ideal for maintaining the temperature of 60cc perfusion syringes and small heated surfaces. Its compact size (5 1/2” long x 2” wide x 1” deep) makes it ideal where space is at a premium. For specific applications please contact our Engineering Department at 1-800-452-8510 for assistance.


                Control Range of ambient to 99.9°C

                110 to 230V AC line operation

                Resolution 0.1°C












                Ambient to 99.9°C



                0.5” Backlit LCD

                Max DC Power             Output with resistive load:



                90 Watts

                DC Output Rating:


                min 6V max 24V DC, 4 Amps

                AC ground leakage current:


                less than 1 millamp at 110 V AC



                5 1/2” long x   2” wide x 1” deep



                1lb including power supply

                Power Supply:


                110V  - 230 V AC input, 12V DC?output at 4 Amps

              •  Please call for details 

              •  Please call for details 

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